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¡Reunión! 6 Year Anniversary & Farewell with DJ Day

DJDAY_001Project: Poster + social media assets for ¡Reunión! 6 Year Anniversary & Farewell @ The Amigo Bar, Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. / [Digital collage, Photoshop, Illustrator]

Client: DJ Day (Palm Springs, CA)



“After 6 years, 300+ nights and countless good times, ¡Reunión! will be coming to an end the last Thursday of this month. It’s been in the back of my head for a while now to call it quits and what better way to go out than the 6 year anniversary and on my own terms.

I’ve had some amazing times and have nothing but love for my Ace family and everyone who’s come out and hung with us over the years. I’m proud to say this has been the longest running weekly night in the Coachella Valley’s history and we did it with zero fights and no drama (ok, maybe some drama).

At a certain point, the weekly nightlife biz gets too much and that time has come. Highlife will still go on so I’m not walking away from everything just yet, but it’s time I focused on making my own music again and start a new chapter in this thing called life. Much love to you all. More info soon TBA for the finale.”



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