Lexx Digs

Design for Oakland Music Festival 2015


Project: Design for the Oakland Music Festival

Role: Creative Director/Graphic Designer

Tools: Photoshop CC

Client: Alfonso Dominguez, Oakland Music Festival

“It is already in play. This strongly felt convergence between what once was, what is now, and what will be. “The Analog vs. The Digital”. We seek to dismantle the comparisons and instead discover a balance. As we move forward, we intentionally honor the existence of the inherent parts of ourselves, our communities and the land upon which we live. We acknowledge the higher powers of mysticism and depth found in the natural world surrounding and recognize their manifestation within and throughout. Our innate desire to connect people through ancient practices in art and song, in creation and curation of sustainable community, keeps us ever intwined with the sacred lineage of our ancestors. And among these natural rhythms also lives progress. We look ahead. As the world continues to shift, we adjust the forms to fit new paradigms. We make new decisions in reference to the moment of now. We view our Earth with frames rooted in conscious preservation through multiple sets of unique, fresh lenses, interchangeable, and continuously transitioning. It is not without awareness that we build for the future. In water, we cleanse. In Earth, we ground. Through consciousness, we expand.”



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